Enhancing a community resource

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“The whole purpose of the Friends is to enhance the library,” said Lenore Kramer, Friends president for the past four years and a member for 22. Kramer added that the group has purchased unbudgeted equipment the library has wanted and is in the process of buying a state-of-the art lectern for Gold Hall.

No less an authority on the Friends is Library Director Susan O. de Sciora, who has been in her position for the past 26 years. For a person who worked as a library page and at the Levittown Public Library for 17 years before coming to Hewlett, de Sciora said it is hard to imagine any library, especially the Hewlett-Woodmere library, without a Friends group. She noted the programs they sponsor and co-sponsor and how members work in collaboration with library staff to create programs such as the Great Book series and bring Highlights in Jazz to the library.

“The Friends are here to help the library and they are very talented in many ways and bring their own perspective,” de Sciora said, adding that a few Friends have become library trustees.

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