PCC serves ever-changing needs for a century

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Greenbaum led the board during the search to replace Ruben, which yielded John Kastan, who came to PCC with years of service in the mental health field. Prior to coming to the agency, Kastan spent a decade as a vice president at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan, overseeing behavioral health services.

“John stood far out ahead of the rest of the crowd,” Greenbaum said.

Under Kastan’s leadership, PCC has steadied its financial health by agreeing to a sponsorship by a Queens-based behavioral health agency. Promoting Specialized Care and Health, which runs services from New Jersey to Suffolk County, took over as PCC’s parent organization, mostly to provide financial support.

The day-to-day operations of PCC still remain with Kastan and the staff. The agreement with PSCH has provided Peninsula’s patients and staff with access to even more resources.

Greenbaum said that in the age of dwindling resources for non-profit organizations, the sponsorship was a good move to keep PCC viable for the long-term future. “There are a lot of people in pain out there,” he said. “There is help to be had and PCC is one place to go.”

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