Possible declining property values worry Five Towns homeowners

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Though Susan Seltzer, another North Woodmere resident, thinks each storm has depreciated property values, she took steps after Hurricane Irene, in August 2011, to safeguard her home from future natural disasters. “I installed French drains so every time we’ve had a storm I haven’t had water in my basement,” she said. “I also have a generator that I purchased last year in case the power goes out and the system cannot operate. As a homeowner you try and do everything right and be proactive.”

Haves-Cooper added that the best thing homeowners can do is to pay for an inspection by a qualified home inspector before putting their house on the market, post-Sandy. “If you pay for an inspection you’re able to find out what is going on and are able to fix it before it’s put on the market,” she said. “That way you’re able to show someone you had the inspection done, what was wrong with the house and it’s a great way to have peace of mind.”

In the meantime, homeowners have a lot on their plate, according to Haves-Cooper. “Insurance companies aren’t coming up with enough funds to help people who need to fix their homes,” she said. “And things will get fixed but whether people will want to live in the areas that were flooded; only time will tell.”

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