Food, friends and fanfare for PCC

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Five Towns Community Chest provided PCC’s home in the Five Towns for more than 80 years, then gave financial support to help the agency buy a building in Valley Stream four years ago. Fare said that he is proud to have PCC call Valley Stream home and spoke highly of the agency’s state-of-the-art facility on Hawthorne Avenue.

Debbi Gyulay, president of the Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce, was honored with the leadership award. As Chamber president, she has helped facilitate connections between PCC and other business in the community.

“Debbi is one of them most hard working, community minded people that I know,” Fare said. “Debbi and the Chamber of Commerce really make up the fabric that is Valley Stream.”

Fare added that the relationship between the Chamber and PCC is an example of the benefits of networking, and the award belongs to all members of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Receiving this award is icing on the cake,” Gyulay said, “I’m just so honored.”

Food galore

While many restaurants come to A Tasteful Evening years after year, there were several newcomers at this year’s event. The Farm House Kitchen of Rockville Center, which opened about a year and a half ago, served up some American Comfort food.

Owner Joe Lester said he was approached by Audrey Goodman, the event coordinator for PCC, to showcase his food. He said he enjoyed meeting prospective customers while doing something for a good cause.

Renata Chechelnitsky, of Sweet Peace, a new dessert shop in Lynbrook, said she and her sister made 300 cupcakes to give out at the event. And though it’s not a restaurant, students from the Valley Stream Central High School culinary program were on hand to showcase their talents. Guests got to try the cheesecake they made especially for A Tasteful Evening.

Chef Peter Augello, who heads the program, said he wanted to bring awareness to the importance of vocational classes in the schools. “The opportunities are enormous,” he said. “You graduate culinary school and you’ve got a job.”

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