Teaching language is power

Number Five School holds Literacy Night


As students at the Number Five School entered the building on Dec. 4, teachers and staff were dressed up as various vocabulary words such as electricity, veterinarian and subtraction to kick off Literacy Night, which was held the following evening.

Students were also treated to a performance of “Miss Alaineous: A Vocabulary Disaster,” a book written by author Debra Fraiser, which was performed by teachers and staff, starring first grade teacher Jennifer Arleo as Sage, the main character.

“Literacy runs throughout the entire building and various subject areas and is the key to success,” said Number Five School Principal Rina Beach. “The performance tied into Literacy Night and is a great way to hook students.”

As Victoria Loweree, a reading teacher, narrated the book, teachers and staff performed each scene, pausing to repeat and define various vocabulary words.

First-grader Amselmo Dash thought the theatrical performance was hilarious. “It’s great to learn new words you didn’t know before,” he said. “It’s also fun to read and share what you learn with your parents.”

According to Loweree, the school chose a book that was geared towards teaching students about language. “Language is power and we embraced that and tied it into our Literacy Night,” she said. “I hope kids embrace the importance of language in the future.”

Brianna Vargas, a third-grader, knows the importance of learning different words. “It’s good to know all words, especially if you have a test,” she said. “I read everyday so I can learn all kinds of new information.”

Third-grader Natalie Alvaiado loves to read books like the “Judy Moody” series by Megan McDonald. “It’s important to know the meaning of words so you can learn more information and get better at reading,” she said.

Though the performance was the first of its kind for the school, according to Beach, it won’t be the last. “This will definitely become an annual event,” she said. “We’ve already begun talking about our next one.”