Hewlett Happenings

Art classes, more than doodling; music lessons create a safe haven


As my senior year is winding down, I find my self-becoming more and more nostalgic over my 14 years attending school in the Hewlett-Woodmere district. The numerous new and exciting opportunities this district has offered me has undoubtedly molded the person I am today and has created the foundation of who I can become.

Yet, I always feel that there is an important aspect of the school district that is not always recognized. The Arts and Music Department has provided more for my social, academic and mental wellbeing than any other department.

In my freshman year of Hewlett High School, I wanted to take one of the many courses within our Art Department. On a whim, I signed up for a class called Draw and Design Production 1 & 2, essentially the introduction to the architecture course taught in the high school.

That was the best course decision I ever made. Four years later, I have taken Draw and Design Production 1 & 2, 3 & 4, Architecture and Advanced Architecture. It was in these art classes that I found my brain being tasked in ways no other class demanded. It was here that I was encouraged to think beyond the corridors of my classroom and it is with this encouragement that I brought my out-of-the-box thinking to different classes. Not many districts have the privilege to foster such a unique course, but it is classes like such that make Hewlett High stand above the rest.

I have been playing the saxophone since fourth grade. It was through the progression of my years in the band and jazz program that I learned a new language, the intricate efforts that create an efficient team and the universal bonding power of music. It is through music that students feel like they can express their creativity and escape the stressors lurking beyond each classroom. After all, the music hallway is safe heaven for all.

From marching down Main Street in Disney World, performing at Carnegie Hall or playing at the Allstate Music Festival in upstate Rochester, the music department has created everlasting memories and opportunities for its students. Yet, the fun does not end there. The Arts and Music Department will be traveling to Montreal on April 12, to take part in workshops with top-tier musicians, perform, and learn about the various historic landmarks and culture.

Thank you Arts and Music Department for all that you have done to create a safe space for me to express my individuality and find my most creative self. I look forward to the department’s continue success of creating memories and experiences for generations to come!