Developer filing lawsuit against the Town of Hempstead

Building moratorium and zoning proposal sparks legal action


According to Town of Hempstead officials, Efrem Gerszberg, one of the two developers who purchased the Woodmere Club last year, said that he would be filing a lawsuit against the town.

The legal action focuses on the continuation of the building moratorium that was enacted in 2016 targeting privately-owned golf clubs and the proposed Golf Course Coastal Residence Overlay District that would establish more restrictive zoning for construction of environmentally sensitive land such as the Inwood Country Club, the Golf Club at Middle Bay, in Oceanside; and the Woodmere Club.

The Town Board extended the building ban for another 180 days, but council people said at a community meeting on Monday that will most likely be the last extension. The end of the moratorium was the impetus behind the overlay district, officials said.

During the time was moratorium has been in effect, the town and its engineers, have studied the impact of development at affected golf courses, especially as it relates to homes that are near such properties.

“It is absolutely essential that we extend this moratorium in order to allow residents to weigh in on the engineer’s report,” Councilman Bruce Blakeman said in a media release.

It’s possible that more than 300 homes could be built on the 118 acres of the Woodmere Club. Gerszberg did not return a call for comment.

“We will do everything in our power and consider all available options to ensure that the integrity of our local communities remain intact,” Councilman Anthony D’Esposito said in the same release.

A more comprehensive story be online on Wednesday.