Lawrence village tables address sign and noise bills


For the second time, the Village of Lawrence board of trustees tabled decisions on two proposed local laws. One is seeking uniformity by having all village house address numbers be reflective and posted on a pole possibly 30 inches high and the other is aiming to prohibit noise at the property line past 11 p.m.

Having uniform reflective house numbers is an effort to help the first responders — ambulances, firefighters and police — to see an address clearly when responding to a call. Boosted by the Lawrence Association, the idea has gained some traction, but has its detractors.

Questions arose on the reflective numbers sign issue (Bill No. 7) at the Nov. 13 board meeting on whether posting the numbers on a mailbox would be sufficient or would the numbers need to displayed on a separate post.

Trustees Michael Fragin, who also serves as deputy mayor, and Syma Diamond batted around a few objections, with Fragin saying he is not comfortable with a separate post if the numbers are visible from the street and Diamond saying “the bill is restrictive.”

Setbacks, the distance a house to the street, were discussed as a portion of homes in Lawrence are setback 25 feet, most are 15 feet and some are closer to the street in the Isle of Wight section and on Beach 2nd Street, according to Deputy Village Administrator Gerry Castro.

“Seldom is there a house number not visible,” said Benjamin Sporn, chairman of the village’s Board of Building Design.

“There are problems with this law, it is overkill, there are 20 people I know who are aghast and upset, it is an administrative nightmare,” said Dr. Jack Levenbrown, a former village mayor. He suggested that the board contact the New York Board of Mayors for guidance when reviewing the proposed law.

Maintaining that reflective is better than illuminated, Paris Popack, president of the Lawrence Association said: “The key here is reflective, illuminated is not good,” she said. “We did the research, the idea is to get something reflective on your property.”

Bill No. 8, calling for no activity within or without a building or structure which emits noise audible at the property line shall be permitted past 11 p.m., also drew heat. “It’s very poorly drafted, everyone in the village will be a criminal,” said Trustee Uri Kaufman. “After 11 p.m., no talking; sukkah use not in compliance,” Diamond added.

Mayor Alex Edelman called for “restructuring the bill’ and Village Attorney Peter Bee said, “We’ll redraft the legislation however you want.”

Other village business

Lawrence approved a new contract with its United Public Service Employees staffers that calls for wage increases of 3, 2 and 2 percent in the next three years. Trustees endorsed a new agreement with tennis pro Chris Morales that gives Morales raises of $5,000, $4,000 and $3,000 in the next three years.

Village Parks Commission Chairman Howard Siskind said that since August, the Lawrence Yacht & Country Club has gained 38 new member with a half dozen signing up the weekend of Nov. 10 to 12.

The next village meeting is Thursday, Dec. 13 a 8 p.m. in Village hall at 196 Central Ave. in Lawrence.

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