Midreshet Shalhevet High School tackles globe issue at YUMMUN


The experience at the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations was like no other, according to Midreshet Shalhevet High School junior Golda Gordon.

“My team and I developed many skills during our preparation, and even more during the conference, including public speaking, knowledge base on issues occurring worldwide, and understanding what it means to be a political delegate representing a country at the United Nations,” Gordon said.

Many friendships are created at YUNMUN with peers from Brazil, Canada, South Africa and the United States. Gordon said that it was “quite intimidating” listening to the Brazilian students — “and getting a sense that their English might be better than mine!

The delegates from MSH Gordon, fellow juniors Dassi Klein and Goldy Fogel, sophomores Lital Davidov, Leah Cohen, and Oriya Avraham, and freshman Sarah Weiderman, represented Nigeria and served on different committees.

As a participant in the World Food Program committee, Gordon discussed ways to empower women to end world hunger and how to reduce food waste, a huge issue in Nigeria. Klein was involved in the United Nations Humans Rights Council. Her committee  discussed topics such as problems in Myanmar and the human rights of prisoners.

Fogel’s committee, the World Health Organization brainstormed about water cleanliness, shortages, and antibiotic resistance. She was particularly intrigued regarding the discussion of antibiotic resistance.

Davidov took part in the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, known to most as UNICEF. Issues were addressed on eliminating violence against children and protecting children with disabilities. She was intrigued to learn the many diverse views of several countries.

Cohen was on the Disarmament and International Security Committee that debated cyber warfare and illicit small arms sales. She felt she learned how to compromise and how to work with different people, especially in a professional environment, where you must collaborate and bargain.

Avraham was a delegate on the committee of the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization, known as UNESCO, which examined such topics as prison reform and preserving endangered languages. She enjoyed the diversity of her committee, and hearing different countries’ perspectives. Avraham said she enjoyed learning about the lifestyles and policies of other countries.

Weiderman was involved in the African Summit, where she addressed issues on the food crisis and terrorism in Africa. She said she appreciated how the committee was very studious and serious, yet everyone had a good time.

All the girls said that they thought YUNMUN was a very amazing and educational experience, and forged friendships with people they will never forget.