Not so calm before the storm

Cedarhurst prepares for snow


All eight of Cedarhurst’s plows’ gas tanks are filled, the four salt spreaders are loaded and the village highway department is ready for the approaching storm.

Nassau County is expecting up to six inches of snow to begin falling in the early morning on Jan. 4, and the village officials said they are prepared. Highway department workers went through a checklist of items: Are all trucks in working condition? Are the trucks and gas cans topped off? Have radios and batteries been checked? And are the rock salt, ice melt, snow shovels and ice scrapers all ready?

Mayor Benjamin Weinstock, said Cedarhurst is comprised of 18 miles of road and 60 to 80 tons of salt is typically used on the village’s roadways. Varied sized trucks need to be used to maneuver through the large main roads, the many narrow side streets and dead ends. Each route for plowing is meticulously planned. Weinstock believes it pays off. “There’s an old saying,” he said. “If it snows you can drive anywhere in Nassau, as long as you stay in Cedarhurst.”

A lot of effort goes into keeping the village’s roads clear of snow. Superintendent of Public Works, Frank Parise said that they had a bit less work to do this time, as pre-salting of the roads was not needed. the roads, they’re still set from when it last snowed on Dec. 30. “The plows hit the road once two inches have accumulated,” Parise said. “Drivers will start arriving here once there’s that first inch though, so they can be ready.”

Once the roads are clear the highway department will park their plows and pick up the snowblowers to clear off the sidewalks and smaller village parking lots.

After all the hard work Highway Department foreman and driver Domenic Bellantuono said he’ll be ready for a break. “I’m going to take a hot shower and get some hot food in my stomach,” he said.