F.S.'s woman of distinction

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While glowing with pride at being honored as a Woman of Distinction, Testani said that she did not know why she was chosen, and added that she could easily think of 10 women in Franklin Square who deserve the honor more than she.

“They’re are flying under the radar, I guess,” she said, “and that’s how I’d expect it to be. No one really volunteers so that they’ll be recognized. They do it to help out a cause. I think every PTA president in this country should receive such an award. It demands a tremendous amount of time and energy, and is often a thankless position.”

Testani said she is most proud of her efforts to raise funds for the Have a Heart Children’s Cancer Society, in Huntington. The organization offers financial help to parents who are struggling to afford care for their sick children.

Last year, Curran saw for himself Testani’s efforts as a active volunteer. He accepted an invitation to speak at a mock trial club that Testani chaired. She helped organize a visit to Nassau County Youth Court for fifth-graders, which introduced them to the fundamentals of the judicial system.

Testani said she would be delighted to play a role in helping other women in her community earn the award in future years. “I feel honored and very much appreciate that Mr. Curran nominated me [as] the only woman in Franklin Square to receive this honor,” she said. “But I have a long list of powerful women in this town who make a difference in the lives of others. If he ever needs future nominations, I would be happy to provide him with those names.”

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