Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

Nov. 22-28, 2012


Event didn’t fly with him

To the Editor:
The Herald should do a story on how inconsiderate, selfish and moronic the Village of Lynbrook is by making sure hundreds of its residents were prevented from getting to or leaving their homes because of the idiotic “Fly with the Owls” event last Saturday.
My wife literally couldn’t get out of the area to attend school to take an exam because all the exits to leave our house were blocked off. Moreover, I couldn’t get back to my home after I was out shopping all morning, trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. 
To hold this event right after the hurricane — when we all had been out of power — and right before Thanksgiving is moronic, since we are still trying to put our lives back together. This event could have been held at Greis Park, Lynbrook High School or South Middle School, which has a running track.
Doesn’t that make more sense than disrupting the taxpaying people of Lynbrook?
Alex Calvo


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