LIPA and National Grid prepare for storm

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            If the storm does knock out power, LIPA estimates that most will have service restored within 24 hours, but some outages could take longer. Bruckner said that he is expecting outages to begin this afternoon and pick up as the storm gets worse into tonight and the early morning.

            John Bruckner, the president of Long Island transmission and distribution for National Grid, said that the first priority for restoration would be critical care customers. After that, the outages with the most customers will be addressed. Major roadways would be a top priority, Bruckner said, so gas stations along those roads would be restored quickly.           

            Bruckner also said that all of the damage to LIPA’s infrastructure caused by Sandy has been repaired and won’t impact service during the storm.

            “The damage that the LIPA incurred as a result of Sandy has been repaired,” Bruckner said. “We continue to do capital infrastructure work to harden the system.”           

            LIPA has also prepared equipment stockpiles across the island, placing wires, transformers and additional restoration equipment in areas that are most likely to need them. It’s call center personnel and schedules have been arranged to allow extended coverage. It has also been reaching out to local municipalities to coordinate plans for tree and debris removal.

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