Providing myriad services

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Woodmere resident and LIFE Executive Director Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz has served the organization since 1973 and oversees the employees, creates programs, seeks out grants and addresses the needs of the community. “We’re a local social service organization that looks to service the people in the community; Jewish, non-Jewish and those of all races and ethnicities,” he said. “We treat everyone fairly and see where we can improve their lives.”

LIFE’s lighthouse logo, according to Hecht, displays the variety of services the organization offers, including daycare for the underserved and poverty-stricken in Brooklyn and for the developmentally disabled. “We provide a myriad of services outside of foreclosure prevention,” he said. “Our logo symbolizes the many aspects that fall under one house.”

In the future, Lefkowitz said he hopes the organization increase its services. “I’d like to see our services expand to the developmentally disabled and I’d like to expand to represent people with foreclosures and those who can’t get money from their insurance companies after the hurricane,” he said. “We want to be an advocate for the people and give them what they’re entitled to.” Contact LIFE at (516) 374-4564.

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