Town Supervisor looks ahead to 2013


The turning of the calendar into 2013 presents community members with the opportunity to take a step back and reexamine their priorities for the coming year. Local governments, such as the Town of Hempstead, are no exception.

The Herald reached out to Town Supervisor Kate Murray to inquire about the town’s biggest concerns going forward. Among those concerns, Murray said, are aiding Hurricane Sandy victims, spurring economic growth within the township, and protecting the local environment.

Among the greatest priorities, Murray said, is to continue helping residents who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. She said the town would continue waiving permit fees and providing information on flood recovery assistance to aid its Sandy-impaired neighbors. “We will also continue to repair town facilities and restore our eroded coastline to protect against future storms,” said Murray.

To aid economic growth in the township, Murray said that preserving the highest Wall Street credit ratings is a serious priority towards attracting private sector growth in the region.

She added that continuing to secure development projects is imperative to spur job-boosting construction projects within the town. “We are ready to assist county-selected developers in putting shovels in the ground at the Hub, having created a progressive building construction zone for the site around the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum,” Murray said.

From an environmental standpoint, the Supervisor said creating “green jobs” are at the core of the town’s Renewable Energy Park at Point Lookout, and that she plans to continue educating young people on the importance of conservation, and how green energy sources can be a practical part of their home energy plan.

Murray also said the town’s one-stop career center remains in place with the hope of helping job-seekers find employment in the coming year.