Chatbot Conference

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Chatbot’s Life, will host our 3rd annual Chatbot Conference in NYC. This event will features the top speakers in the bot and AI space as well as the latest industry data and insights from brands and enterprises.

Learn how companies are using chatbots to decrease costs and increase revenues. We will explore latest trends, use cases, and get a behind the scene look at what is working best.

How are Enterprises winning with Bots?

It has been nearly 3 year since companies started playing around with bots. In the first year, most experiences were a hit or miss. In the second year, we are finally starting to see bots pay dividends to business. To date, we have discovered 3 main use cases that are giving companies an ROI.

Today, bots and AI is starting to deliver value in multiple verticals. We will explore how bots are performing in Finance/Banking, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and E-Commerce.

Voice Bots

Products like Google Home and Alexa have entered over 30 Million homes and voice assistants are available in over 100 Million devices. Brands are starting to heavily invest in this new platform. We will do a deep dive into what is working best and how to leverage it.

We will do a deep dive into how VOICE is transforming user behavior and how companies can take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

Our Main Topics: AI/NLP, VOICE, Chatbots and Marketing, Customer Service, UX Designs and Copy.





Chatbot Conference: May 22nd: USD 399.0,

Chatbot Conference and AI/NLP Workshop: May 22nd and May 23rd: USD 699.0

Speakers: Rob Lawson Partnerships @Google, Shane Mac Co-founder and CEO @Assist, Alex Weidauer Co-Founder and CEO @ Rasa, Tanya Kraljic Voice UX @ Google, Stefan Kojouharov Founder @ChatbotsLife, Arte Merritt CEO and Co-Founder @Dashbot, Hans van Dam MD at, Mehfuz Hossain Co-Founder @SmartLoop.Ai, Casey Phillips Chatbot Product Owner @Intuit, Ilker Koksal Co-founder and CEO @Botanalytics, Marina Shumaieva CTO and Co-founder at CruiseBe, Stefan Trockel Co-founder and CEO, Dustin Dye Co-founder and CEO @BotCopy, Obaid Ahmed Founder @ Botmock, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya Founder and CEO @VOIQ, Austin Arensberg Principal at Scrum Ventures, Samir ElKamouny Founder and Chief Growth Officer @ Fetch and Funnel, Sander Wubben Co-Founder and CTO at, Mason Levy CEO at SWIVL, Rob Lubow Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer @ Botcopy, Alec Lazarescu Chief Architect @Synchronoss Technologies, Nazar Hembara Managing Director at BotsCrew, Nadine Weiskircher Senior Creative @TLGG, Joseph Holguin Co-founder @SmartLoop.Ai, Ali Loghmani Founder of Planner.AI, Dmitriy Kruglyak CEO @Target Choice

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