Local health program inspires a change of diet

The hidden fat in fast food meals has prompted a group of Freeporters to find healthier alternatives on March 6, at the Freeport Memorial Library’s Eat Smart New York event, which helps families …

Herald Neighbors

Coding simplified and fun for students

Their eyes were glued to their screens while they inputted numbers from one to 100 into their computers on March 4 at the Freeport Memorial Library’s Coding for Kids program, which teaches basic …

Herald Neighbors

Freeport church hosts Baldwinite’s sown stories of black history

She never intended to create a series of quilts dedicated to African-American culture — it just turned out that way. Over the past nine years, Baldwinite Kim Taylor has sewn more than a dozen quilts, ranging from a portrait of President Barack Obama to her interpretation of “Feeling Good,” as performed by African-American singer Nina Simone.

Herald Neighbors

Local writing group delves into memory

A group of men and women trickled in one by one to sit at horseshoe shaped table to start the monthly meeting on memoir writing at the Freeport Memorial Library.

Herald Neighbors

Meditation in motion to reduce stress

The Freeport Memorial Library and Recreation Center are offering Tai chi classes throughout the spring months.


Let’s celebrate women speaking truth to power

On Friday, many countries worldwide are commemorating International Women’s Day. Meanwhile, in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, all of March will be marked by . . .

Scott Brinton

Ode to the museum, font of creativity

I am a child, scavenging the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I am 6 or 8 or 10; I can’t recall. Many of the world’s greatest works of art stare down at me. I am unimpressed. My eyes are fixed on the oak floor.

Randi Kreiss

Eventually, Michael Cohen did the right thing

During this long season of discontent with Donald Trump as candidate and then president and now target of multi-pronged state and federal investigations, I have done my bit to beat the drum of protest.


Preparing your four-legged friends for the unexpected

In late January, one of our volunteer teams was called to a house fire in Mastic Beach. Approaching the damaged home on a freezing-cold morning, Red Cross blankets in hand, they saw an all-too-familiar scene . . .

Pathways to Education Excellence

Preparing the next generation of leaders, now

In recent years, there has been much talk nationwide about preparing our youth for post-secondary education and the workforce by making our students college, career and civic ready or life ready. …