BALDWIN: Approve 2014-15 school budget


This budget vote has a much different feel than last May’s, when the school district’s spending plan exceeded the tax levy cap and failed to win the approval of a 60 percent supermajority of voters. After that vote failed, programs were cut in order for the district to get under the cap, but motivated community members raised $163,000 to keep many of those programs — like the high school musical and sports activities — intact.

The spending plan adopted by the Board of Education for 2014-15 not only stays within the 1.51 percent tax levy cap, but restores the rest of the programs that were cut last year and maintains everything else. It totals $122 million — about $3 million more than the current budget — and makes use of $25.2 million in state aid and roughly $524,000 in surplus funds from the current year. We encourage voters to say “yes” to it on Tuesday.

Baldwin’s schools play a large role in the community, and funding them is crucial. This budget is both inclusive and fiscally responsible, and residents should make their approval clear.


Reid deserves school board seat

This year’s Board of Education election comes at an important and unique time for the district, when crucial decisions will be made in the very near future.Three candidates are running for one vacant seat on the board, and the winner won’t have much time to celebrate before it’s time to decide who will be the next superintendent of Baldwin schools. There are also two recently closed elementary schools whose futures are yet to be determined. 

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