Gone with the wind


A storm damaged house in South Freeport slid off its foundation on Saturday morning, November 2, due to strong winds. The house had suffered previous damage from both Irene and Sandy.

Freeport Fire Department Executive Secretary Ray Maguire said the FFD received a report of a house falling off its foundation and was called to 241 Sportsman Avenue at 4:12 a.m.

The house appeared to have fallen off its supports. Firefighters established that the house was unoccupied and made sure that utilities were turned off.

Freeport Superintendent of Buildings Joe Madigan issued the following statement to The Leader:

“Mr. [William] Reidman submitted an application for the elevation of his home which was approved and a building permit was issued. Without notification to the building department, Mr. Reidman elevated his house without adhering to the codes as required by the Freeport Building Department.

It was noticed that the home was cribbed (i.e. supported) on 8” blocks. This type of cribbing is highly unusual and generally not an acceptable means of construction for elevation projects. We contacted Mr. Reidman and determined that the submitted contractor information was not correct. A stop work order was immediately issued, an engineer’s report was requested. In conversation with Mr. Reidman, he disclosed that he elevated this structure himself; this not acceptable. In the late evening on Friday, November 11, his home collapsed.”