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Black Friday Fair welcomes hundreds


The Freeport Memorial Library’s Business Resource Center, BRIC helps to promote local entrepreneurs and supports the growth of regional small businesses. In celebration of home-based small business, the library held a Black Friday Fair on Nov. 23 in the main lobby of the library. According to Ken Bellafiore, the library director, the idea to host the fair that featured Internet businesses was inspired by librarian Mary Robinson who participated in a similar event in Queens.

“These companies usually don’t get the opportunity to sell directly in the community,” Bellafiore said. “We wanted to make available products that were reasonable priced and of good quality and many unique in nature.”

The first of its find in Freeport, the fair featured an array of Etsy start up business and included familiar brands like Mary Kay. Bellafiore said the intent was to provide library patrons with “something different.” The fair welcomed over 100 shoppers eager to discover gifts for family members.

“We wanted to give our community another shopping option outside of the typical big box store experience,” Bellafiore said. “which is promoted so heavily on Black Friday.”

The 21 vendors also donated items toward raffles that filled up six giveaway baskets. A majority of the businesses were woman owned business that featured entrepreneurs from as far Delaware, New Jersey, Suffolk County and the Bronx.