2019-20 Glen Cove City School District budget and Board of Education candidates


Now that a proposed budget for the Glen Cove City School District’s 2019-20 school year has been passed by the Board of Education, it is up to residents to decide on whether or not it will be adopted.

The budget is approximately $91.3 million. Roughly $75.7 million — percent — would go toward programs, $8.1 million — percent — will go toward capital projects and $7.4 million — percent — would go toward administrative costs. The district will also see a 1.99 percent increase in its tax levy — the amount of money the district will collect in taxes from taxpayers — an increase of roughly $1.4 million.

If the budget passes, one of the biggest changes coming to the district would be the institution of a nine-period day at Glen Cove High School. This would allow students to take on additional coursework while also providing them with a mandated lunch period. Students in need of extra help would be able to take additional classes to aid them in specific subjects. In doing so, the district would hire five to seven new teachers, some of whom may be part-time.

The district would also continue to work toward increasing security throughout all of its buildings. The high school is set to receive a new booth for its security officers, and new cameras will be installed at all of the schools. Lockdown systems will also be installed at GCHS, Gribbin and Landing Elementary schools. The district also aims to replace the roof at Landing and install a new PA system at Deasy Elementary School.

At the polls, voters will also be prompted to vote on a proposition — the establishment of a capital reserve, which would be used to set aside funds for the purpose of improving school facilities without drawing money from the budget. If voted into place, all expenditures coming from the capital reserve would have to be approved by voters in the future before they could be enacted.

Residents will have a chance to vote on the budget, as well as the establishment of a capital reserve fund and who will fill the two open seats on the Board of Education, on May 21.