Pillowcase preparedness at Landing


Glen Cove students at Landing School learned about emergency preparedness during a visit from the American Red Cross as part of its “Pillowcase Project.”

The program began after Red Cross volunteers witnessed victims of Hurricane Katrina packing personal belongings in pillowcases when leaving their homes.

The project — made possible thanks to a grant from Disney — teaches children coping skills to help them deal with difficult situations. It also offers tips and tools to help them prepare.

The students were trained through the program’s three core principles, Learn, Practice and Share: Learn how emergencies happen and how to stay safe when they do; practice what you learn so you’ll be ready when an emergency happens; and share what you’ve learned so that everyone knows how to stay safe in an emergency.

Facilitators talked with students about the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a home fire, the need for smoke detectors in every room, and what to do if there’s a hurricane, among other things.

After the discussion, students had an opportunity to decorate pillowcases they received from the organization. The students were encouraged to draw pictures of important items they wanted to bring with them in an emergency.

— Zach Gottehrer-Cohen