The Orchard, workplace harassment discussed by CDA


The Glen Cove Community Development Agency gathered at city hall on Tuesday night to discuss a variety of topics geared toward improving the lives of residents all across the city.

At the opening of the meeting, CDC members emphasized the gravity of the recent $3 million grant provided to the city by the state to improve residents’ water supply.

The CDA then addressed growing concerns regarding new developments at the Orchard. The city plans to make changes to improve the area by altering the Orchard’s vacant properties and creating more housing options for residents. CDA Executive Director Ann Fangmann said that these concerns are exactly why City Hall is having the open house.

Mayor Tenke acknowledged that residents have been concerned that the changes may impede their ability to remain living there. “Our intention is certainly not to displace anyone,” he said.

Fangmann said that the open house will be a great opportunity for residents to gain a better understanding of the city’s intentions and put their concerns at ease. “I find when people talk to me about the project, they feel better about it,” she explained.

The open house will take place at City Hall on Dec. 6 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and all are welcome to participate.

Additionally, the CDA announced that they will continue their efforts to train workplaces on harassment policies. They have already been trained in sexual harassment prevention, and the city will now go a step further by addressing social media harassment, workplace violence and nondiscrimination policies.