A new holiday market comes to Sea Cliff

Courtney Citko likes to run events. She used to run farmers markets in Farmingdale and Deer Park before becoming a director with Pampered Chef, a company that sells kitchen utensils to home …

Not-so-average band of kids to rock Still Partners

When one thinks of teen and tween musicians, thoughts may immediately go toward middle school marching bands or young people playing three-chord cover songs in their parents’ garage. This is …

Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County vandalized

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, on Crescent Road in Glen Cove, was vandalized over the weekend, center officials said, with graffiti found on the property and damage to many of signs and gardens.

Glen Head retaining wall still not fixed

Nothing has been done to fix a crumbling retaining wall on Glen Cove Avenue in the nearly six months since the Herald Gazette first reported on it. That may be about to change. No one was sure …

New York American Water to be sold to Liberty Utilities for $608M

American Water Works Co. announced in a release Wednesday that it would sell its New York operation to Liberty Utilities for $608 million cash. The deal follows years-long criticism from Nassau County ratepayers, lawmakers and watchdog groups that have questioned the private company’s rate structure, water service and infrastructure management.

The last of a generation in Sea Cliff

“I’m not sure of how interesting I’ll be,” Bernard McGrath said as he sat down at his kitchen table. “No one ever shot at me.” McGrath was referring to his time in the Army, which …

Sea Cliff honors its veterans

Every Nov. 11 at 11 a.m., Sea Cliff celebrates its military history by honoring veterans with a short but meaningful ceremony at Clifton Park. The village’s veterans gather around the large rock …


Americans are underserved, not overtaxed

In November 2017, President Trump proclaimed that Americans “are the most heavily taxed people in the world.” As an applause line it was an instant winner, and the president has continued to use it ever since, to thunderous ovations.

Randi Kreiss

Journalists digging in and not letting go aren’t the enemy

My grandkids are learning about Woodward and Bernstein in their history classes.

Alfonse D'Amato

On energy, New York’s head is in the sand

Climate change skeptics are often urged by climate change believers to “follow the science” when it comes to whether our climate is changing. That’s a fair proposition, but . . .