Glen Head woman admits to smothering her newborn


A Glen Head woman charged with first-degree manslaughter plead guilty to the charges in Nassau County Court on Friday.

Sharon Seudat, 21, said she killed her newborn daughter on March 31, 2016, after delivering the infant in her home on Walnut St.

State Supreme Court Justice Angelo Delligatti accepted the district attorney’s recommendation to sentence Seudat to eight years in prison. Her attorney Edward Lieberman, who is the mayor of Sea Cliff, said the DA’s office negotiated a reduced settlement charge from murder to manslaughter. Seudat’s arraignment date is set for Jan. 8, 2018.

Lieberman said his client’s plea decision came after taking the time to review all the information and legal reasoning the court accorded her since her arrest. “She is coming to grips with the situation, and the circumstances surrounding it, and believes this is the best way to bring closure to this tragic incident,” he said.

During questioning by prosecutor Veronica Guarliglia, Seudat said she caused the infant’s death by smothering her, and intended physical injury. The defendant then placed the infant in a garbage bag and left her on the back porch, where authorities discovered the dead baby the next morning.

“This tragic case should serve as a reminder to everyone that an infant child can be handed over to hospitals, firehouses, and police precincts without any repercussions to the parent,” said District Attorney Madeline Singas.

Lieberman said his decision to represent Seudat did not conflict with his mayoral duties in Sea Cliff. “I am cognizant of my role as a mayor and a public official, and will reject a case if I think it presents a conflict of interest,” he said. “I am doing my sworn duty to represent my client to the best of my ability.”

The attorney said his client’s decision to plead guilty is a reflection that Seudat is taking full responsibility for her actions, and added that the defendant has received letters of support during this difficult time.

Lieberman added that the Department of Probation is currently producing a pre-sentence report before Seudat’s arraignment date. Until then, the attorney said his client would take the hiatus to reflect upon her actions.

“She is remorseful of her behavior, and plans to use her time in prison to better herself, and improve, and reflect on the situation,” he said.