Assessing the damage in Oceanside and Island Park

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The Parish Center across the street was also hit hard, flooded by four feet of water. The walls and floors will all have to be replaced. The gym was temporarily repaired so that Mass could be held there, but it will also have to be renovated. 

While the church remains closed, Masses are keeping to the normal schedule at the Parish Center. There is no word on when the church will be repaired and reopened.


Full Gospel Church of Island Park

Ten inches of water in the Full Gospel Church destroyed floors, walls, furniture, cabinets and bookcases throughout the building.

The sound system and instruments were safe, however. Due to the damage, services are being held only on Sunday mornings. The restoration work will be slow going because of problems with the church’s insurance company. The facility will have to rely mainly on donations and volunteers to rebuild.

“Hopefully, with the help of volunteers and donations, we’ll be back,” said the Rev. Peter Conforti.


Many places of worship and schools welcome donations to pay for repairs. You can contact your local pastor, rabbi or official to find out what you can do to help. Places that received only minor or no damage from the storm were not included in this story. The Herald was unable to contact representatives of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, the Windsor Avenue Bible Church or the Congregation Darchaei Noam.


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