The amazing volunteers in Oceanside and Island Park

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Most of the OFD buildings weren’t too badly damaged. The headquarters turned into a dormitory for relief workers from all over. FEMA, police and town and county officials and workers were using the headquarters on Foxhurst road as a meeting place and also for a warm place to sleep and shower.

It’s just amazing to see the way the communities have come together in the wake of this unprecedented tragedy. It would have been easy to let grief get the best of everyone and let tempers flare, but that didn’t happen. The way everyone is working together is nothing short of astounding.

There has been such an outpouring of support from both within and without the community that I have invariably left someone out. For that, I apologize. Just know that the work everyone has been doing is amazing.

So the next time you see one of the many volunteers working in the community, thank them. Even if you don’t need the resources they’re providing. They’re making an incredible difference, and everyone should take a few minutes to let them know that.

I know I will.

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