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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Where is the proof that Common Core works?
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Howard Schwach

Parents should ask their superintendents and curriculum leaders whether the tests are reliable. They should opt out of the testing program, which is there right, if the answers they get do not satisfy them. They should ask for hard evidence that the Common Core works. If that evidence is not forthcoming, then they should opt out of the tests. This is too important an issue to leave to the national bureaucracy. This is your kid’s future at stake.


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The Common Core Curriculum is designed to homogenize the youth of today - to make everyone "equal." And it is not well accepted by teachers. In fact, teachers are opposed to it. Years ago, we had different classes within the same grade - A, B, and C. The more intelligent children who tested well, excelled in the classroom and, in general, were more motivated than some of the other students were put into class A. The average students were put into class B. The slower students were put into class C. I made the classroom environment better for the teachers and for the students involved. The slower students didn't keep the class back. They were taught within their learning range. Today, these systems would be called "harsh," "unfair," "prejudicial," or whatever you want to label them. But in reality, they not only made the children in the average classes more competitive (by forcing them to try harder) but helped those who were not able to keep up with smarter children not feel inadequate. This common core curriculum is nothing more than a high gloss brainwashing, mind-numbing, robotic learning system for the youth of today.

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