Letter to the Editor

Another great truck day


To the Editor:

Once again there was another fabulous Truck Day on Friday, May 3. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, truck horns were beeping, smiling faces were abundant and thanks to the efforts of many community members, Truck Day 2013 was a huge success. The children loved going inside the rescue truck, sitting in the seats of the fire trucks and pretending to drive the many trucks which were located in the Hendrickson Park parking lot. We would like to thank Mayor Ed Fare, Village Clerk Bob Barra, Barbara Cassidy, Tim Leahy, some very patient village employees, and the volunteers from the Valley Stream Fire Department.

Every year the event gets better and better and helps provide our young children and their families with memories that will last a lifetime. It is a pleasure to live and work in a community that chooses to enrich the lives of its smallest members. We, as well as the faculty and families from Grace Methodist Nursery School and Holy Trinity Nursery School, are already looking forward to Truck Day 2014.

Diane Panzarino

Director, Grace Methodist Nursery School

Sally Weiss

Director, Holy Trinity Nursery School