Stepping Out

Creativity in motion with Michael Moschen

The juggler extraordinaire performs at the Madison Theatre


Michael Moschen brings his juggling balls and other assorted props to Long Island to share his visually stunning one-man show with all those fascinated by the art of movement. Moschen, who has redefined juggling as an art form, appears at the Madison Theatre at Molloy College, on Thursday, Jan. 24.
Moschen has transformed this ancient circus act into a mesmerizing concert form that has garnered critical acclaim as “genius,” “exhilarating virtuoso entertainment” and “flawless purity.” Incorporating art, science, physics, and mathematics, he involves his audience in a show is much more than a juggling act: it is a demonstration of creative and seemingly impossible feats of manipulation and illusion.
Now in his ‘50s, Moschen has developed something of a cult following over the years as he has performed with leading artists off-Broadway, in concert halls and at festivals throughout the world.
Moschen grew up in Greenfield, Mass., with Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame, as a next-door-neighbor. With his neighbor, he began to juggle at age 12. Moschen got his first professional gigs with Penn, including summer work at an amusement park. Eventually he dropped out of high school, home-schooling himself instead. He became a street performer, and a founding member of the Big Apple Circus from 1977-1980.
Recognized by the MacArthur Foundation with the prestigious Genius Award, his stage, film and television work crosses ethnic and social borders.

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