Curran endorsed by Kaminsky and Brooks


Democratic County Executive candidate Laura Curran (D-Baldwin) — who launched her campaign on Jan. 5 — was endorsed by State Senator Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach) and State Senator John Brooks (D-Seaford) on Feb. 22.

Kaminsky and Brooks — the only two Democratic State Senators from Long Island and the first members of Long Island’s Democratic State Legislative delegation to endorse in the race for County Executive — announced their support just days after Curran was endorsed by Executive Committee of the Nassau County Democratic Committee.

Curran — who is the first woman to be nominated for the position by a major party — was also endorsed by Nassau Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs.

“Nassau County desperately needs a fresh start to end the culture of corruption — and Laura Curran is the right candidate for the job,” Kaminsky said.

“Laura will bring a new era of honesty and accountability to Mineola, and she’ll always put taxpayers first. I proudly endorse Laura Curran for County Executive and trust that she will set Nassau County on the right path forward.”

She is running on a platform of cleaning up Nassau County government and ending a “culture of corruption and mismanagement that has dominated local politics,” according to her office.

“Laura Curran will finally bring transparency and accountability back to Nassau County and I’m honored to endorse her candidacy,” Brooks said.

“After an endless stream of indictments and arrests, Laura will bring a desperately needed fresh start to Nassau County and root out mismanagement and corruption, wherever it exists. Laura’s not a career politician but she knows that we need real change to stop wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary contracts and shameless self-dealing. Laura’s got the right plan to clean up Nassau County and I look forward to campaigning with her in the months to come.”

Curran has authored legislation to help veteran-owned businesses contract with the county, waive rebuilding fees for Superstorm Sandy victims and create a land bank to combat zombie homes.

“We have a mess in Mineola and we simply can’t afford Ed Mangano’s years of corruption and mismanagement anymore,” Curran said after learning about the endorsement.

“I’m running for County Executive because I’m committed to cleaning up our county and I’m honored to have the endorsement of Kaminsky and Brooks. They are leaders in the fight to hold the line on taxes and end government corruption and their endorsement is a validation of my campaign to end this disgraceful era in Nassau County. For far too long, we’ve watched as career politicians have run this county into the ground while enriching themselves, their friends, and their families. I’ve had enough of it, my neighbors have had enough of it, and we’re committed to bringing trust and honesty back to our government.”