In Long Beach, the 'overwhelming' cleanup after the storm

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“Rental cars? They’re doing numbers now,” she said. “We’re number 55, they’re up to number 22 and they’re up in Commack. We’ll have to go to Commack, but at least we’re on a list, and we have to save the gas so we can even get there. Gas, water and communications are the top three concerns.”

Ives and others said that the storm has galvanized many Long Beach residents who have come together to help one another.

“We are an exceptional block,” Ives said. “We are extremely communal here on Louisiana Street and we have each other for support.”

“I think the holidays are going to have a whole different meaning this year and bring everyone together,” Weiner said.

“I am very optimistic,” Pelletiere said. “Long Beach will be back, for sure. I believe that when we get power back, the city will slowly get back to normal. I think that we all need to be strong and take things as they come day by day. This city is too wonderful to give up on.”

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