Incumbent Skelos runs for 15th term

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Skelos: While we took some major steps forward to turn New York’s economy around, there is still much more we can do to create jobs. This year I sponsored a plan that: reduced taxes on small businesses, eliminated taxes on manufacturers, provided tax incentives for businesses that hire new employees and included significant reductions in energy taxes. While my plan was passed in the Senate and supported by the Long Island Association and every other major business organization in the state, it did not pass the Assembly. I will continue working to enact this job creation plan next year.

Another issue addressed by the Senate, but not the Assembly, is the skyrocketing cost of higher education and the rising debt loads that students and families take on to pay for college. The Senate passed a plan to help parents save for college for their children, give students and families access to low interest student loans and provide clear information about the size of students loans. Each year it gets tougher for people to afford college and we must do something to help students achieve their higher education goals.

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