It's the doghouse for Weiner, not Gracie Mansion


I offer this column as a public service. If you’re in a challenging marriage and you fantasize about divorce, I can save you a lot of money. Just imagine being married to Anthony Weiner, and you may rethink your own marital problems.

By setting the bar for acceptable behavior at an all-time low, Weiner has cast a rosy glow on other people’s relationships.

Does your hubby talk too much, sleep too much, not work enough, not play well with others? No biggie. Does he fail to share child care, household chores? Get over it. Has he strayed, had a regular, old-fashioned, midlife fling that he regrets and will never do again? Serious, but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Think about your marriage. Then think about being married to Weiner, who admits to tweeting and texting prurient photos of himself to strangers. Now put all that therapy money toward a cruise and get on with your life.

The spectacle of Mr. Weiner’s most recent mea culpas, along with his wife’s wrenching statement of support, were painful to watch. And the hubris! Why do they insist on a public forum? Why are they the last two people to realize that his behavior has made him an embarrassing and unacceptable choice for mayor? Weiner’s extracurricular activities are so extremely creepy and unsavory that he makes ordinary philanderers seem more acceptable.

Of course, he’s part of a large population of human beings who periodically become deranged and behave in self-destructive ways despite every reason to control their sexual impulses. This group is known as men, particularly men with political power. I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush, but the facts are disturbing.

I challenge you to name any woman — just one woman — in political office who has trashed her reputation and her personal life through sexual misconduct. Women lie, steal and disappoint the people around them as much as men, but men dominate the field of public sexual disgrace.

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