Kremer pens Albany insider book

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“The Long Beach we moved to was just about everything that a young ambitious kid could possibly have wanted,” he wrote. “It was ripe with great beaches, pretty streets and a tumultuous political environment. Like all communities outside of the big cities, Long Beach was a close-knit town. Families settled in and stayed for generations. There was a lot of old money and those families were closely connected. The challenge for the newly-arrived Kremer family was how to become part of a very insulated environment. My mother was my ticket into Long Beach. In a very short time, she became an officer with the National Council of Jewish Women and was soon a familiar name in the charity world. She quickly became well known in the right circles, which gave me some hope of becoming a part of this mysterious and exciting city.”

From those origins, Kremer goes on to write about how he got involved in politics and then about his adventures during his time in Albany.

For those interested in the south shore of Nassau County, its politics and foible, or in the culture of Albany, this is a must-read book.

Bookrevue, one of the premier book review online sites, said of Kremer’s book, “Few veterans of New York State’s raucous political scene are still standing tall enough to brag about surviving. Arthur “Jerry” Kremer numbers among the select few. His stint as a young reporter for a small Long Island newspaper taught him how to survive in the back-stabbing, cut-throat culture of local politics. He used those hard-earned skills to move out of the local arena to the pinnacle of New York State politics.

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