Long Beach Hotel officially opens its doors

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The hotel boasts a new bar that serves food and has doors that open onto a terrace, and its restaurant — which Salorio said will offer American fusion cuisine in a casual atmosphere — is expected to open this Saturday. There is also a small bakery, a lounge area with leather chairs, a banquet hall that holds 300 people and a ballroom that can double as a meeting space. The hotel is also working on opening a boardroom for local organizations.

Mark Tannenbaum, the executive vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that another hotel in the city will help attract more visitors, who will frequent local shops and restaurants that are still struggling eight months after Hurricane Sandy.

“I think it’s important for us to have more hotels, and I think competition is good,” he said. “…[N]ot everybody can spend the prices that the Allegria commands, and sometimes the Allegria is filled.”

Salorio said that the Allegria, the Sands, the Bridgeview Yacht Club and other facilities that are booked for the summer have already referred customers to the new hotel. “We’re seeing a lot of locals who are spreading the word…,” she said. “Most weddings have been booked for the summer, so we’re doing a lot of rehearsal dinners, post-wedding brunches.”

She said that the hotel is also working with Skudin Surf and other organizations, and that Kadosh hopes to make the hotel an essential feature of the city. “The overall goal is to just really build back the image of the City of Long Beach, really to keep the locals happy with the bar scene and restaurant, and to become a staple in the city where people can come and hang around,” Salorio said. “It’s an easy, fun-going place.”

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