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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Long Beach Medical Center reopening delayed
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Penny Frondelli/Herald
Long Beach Medical Center has yet to set a reopening date, pending an inspection by the Nassau County Fire Marshal and approval by New York State Health Department.

“We’re in the process of testing and calibrating the equipment,” Player said. “The hospital completed most of the work necessary to reopen its emergency department. Pending its reopening will be approval by the Nassau County Fire Marshal and New York State Health Department.”

Player was reluctant to give a new reopening date until the necessary work and inspections are completed.

“We anticipate that the work will be completed by the end of this week — approximately 90 percent of the terminal cleaning has been completed, and testing has started with a hygienist for air and surface quality,” Player said. “The next step then is for the Fire Marshal to survey it and the Department of Health to give their approval. It’s hard for us to give a hard and fast date until they do what they have to do.”

The storm caused $56 million in damage, and though FEMA typically picks up 75 percent of such costs while the state and hospital would each pay 12.5 percent, CEO Doug Melzer said he is hoping that FEMA kicks in a larger percentage — 90 percent — to help the facility reopen.


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I have no problem with the hospital reopening. I have a problem with the SUBSTANDARD care by doctors and nurses. I also think that the hospital should be a community hospital and not just a geriatric facility. This community has grown so much, and yet we have NO OB/GYN care or maternity in this facility. We also do NOT have a pediatric ward. If this hospital is in this community, it should serve the ENTIRE community. A pediatric patient has to go to another facility to be PROPERLY treated for his/her injury. This should NOT be. We should also demand that other doctors from other areas be invited in and be allowed to treat their patients as they need it. Many doctors outside of LONG BEACH have chosen to stay away from LBH because of the reputation. We need to change this and not be afraid to go to a local facility for fear of mis-diagnosis, lack of patient personal care, or total alienation by others because of personal information being discussed by staff members in the open areas. There is a law in place for this and other things. We as a community need a real hospital. I am hoping upon the re-opening, that the care and practices at this facility has also had an overhaul, and that the professionalism that should be shown by hospital personnel is indeed, there. It would be nice to have the reputation of this facility upgraded and new blood running through it.

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