Long Beach prepares for Hurricane Sandy

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“We’ve already sent out a notification with all of these messages through our Swift911 phone system, and we’d like to invite people to sign up and receive those message on our website if they haven’t done so already,” Schnirman said.

Emergency equipment will be staged at the Long Island Rail Road parking area to ensure a rapid storm response, and public parking will be prohibited during that time.

LIPA Customers can access www.lipower.org for a range of information and set up to use LIPA's texting service for information. There is also an outage storm center map. Residents with electrical issues may also contact the residential LIPA Emergency Line at 1-800-490-0075, or follow @LIPAnews on Twitter and report outages at lipower.org.

For additional hurricane preparation information and coastal evacuation routes, visit www.nassaucountyny.gov/OEM.

Hurricane Watches and Warnings*

If the National Weather Service issues a Hurricane Watch, hurricane conditions are a legitimate possibility and the threat of landfall can be within 24-36 hours. Follow these steps:

Assemble a hurricane supply kit

Listen to radio or TV stations for storm information • Learn safe evacuation routes inland and shelter locations

Fill your car with gas

Bring anything inside that the wind can pick up

If a Hurricane Warning is issued, the threat of landfall is less than 24 hours away. Follow these steps:

Listen to the advice of local officials

If you are not advised to evacuate, stay indoors and away from windows

Know that the calm “eye” of the storm is deceptive – the storm may not be over

Staging Areas:

The City of Long Beach will set up staging areas for residents to wait for public transportation to the designated shelter at West School, East School and City Hall.


Fire and Police will travel through the city to notify residents via loudspeakers

Visit www.longbeachny.org or call the Storm Hotline at (516) 431-1000, and press option 1

SWIFT 911TM alert system will be activated

*Source: City of Long Beach

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