Long Beach receives $24.3 million in Sandy aid

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The county is seeking $6.6 billion in federal aid, and Mangano called on lawmakers in Washington to work together to approve the bill. “Nassau County was hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy, and our families and communities are nowhere near a full recovery,” he said. “This FEMA grant will go far in helping us to clean up and remove dangerous debris so that we can clear our homes, roads and neighborhoods and be ready for rebuilding.”

Cuomo joked on Sunday that when Mangano greeted him, he said, “Governor, as always, good to see you. How much is the check for?”

“And I smiled,” Cuomo said, “because sometimes it is about the money, and the finances are very important here.”

“The governor has set the stage here,” Mangano said. “We’ve worked closely together, and we have been a strong advocate to bring those dollars that Congress is considering back to this region. These dollars are needed to help us rebuild safer, quicker, smarter and sooner.”

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