Long Beach residents face the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

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sanitation plant was damaged, and if they can't fix that, you can't live here. You have to have water and sanitation."

At Police Headquarters on Tuesday, Cregeen said that officers and other emergency personnel were issuing evacuation orders and responding to emergency calls all night. At one point, he said, the Police Department lost power, when the flood water was up to its peak height. Like Irene, there was a time during the storm's peak

when emergency responders simply could not answer calls.

"Our generator went under," he said. "We lost all our communications, we lost our lights. Anyone that was trying to call us couldn't get us. And prior to that, we were innundated for calls for help. And we couldn't go anywhere, you couldnt get a car more than 10-feet without it being buried under water."

"In my 28-year tenure as a police officer, that's the worst I ever

felt," Cregeen said, adding that no fatalites were reported on Tuesday. "All these people calling headquarters, screaming for help, and we weren't able to get to them."

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