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Friday, May 27, 2016
Millions allotted for Sandy rebuilding
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Long-suffering Long Islanders may soon see some additional Hurricane Sandy rebuild relief from the Federal Government.

Long-suffering Long Islanders may soon see some additional Hurricane Sandy rebuild relief from the Federal Government.

A new program funded by Federal Supplemental Disaster Aid promises to bring nearly $150 million to the area and will also feature a unique, bottom-up structure that will give residents influence on how the money is spent.

The program was announced at a press conference last Thursday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who said the federal money would feed a Community Reconstruction Zones program. He said the program was formulated to allow communities to establish teams of officials, residents and community leaders who would dictate where funding was allotted.

“What we are trying to do today is a totally different approach,” Cuomo said Thursday. “If we have been going top-down then [we need] bottom-up. What does the community think it needs to rebuild and what are the best ideas and the best vision that the community has to rebuild? And let’s fund the community’s vision rather than asking the community to fit into the template established up above.”

Cuomo explained that plans for each community may take up to eight months to complete. After plans are sent in and approved, he said, funds will be granted. Cuomo added that communities will be able to compete for bonus money, which will be awarded to those ideas that make the best use of community involvement, regional collaboration, or show the most promise in terms of technology or urban planning.

Slightly more than $145 million will go to 12 Community Reconstruction Zones in Nassau County. Additional money will also be allocated to areas in Suffolk County, as well as coastal areas in New York City and upstate. Among Nassau County communities, the largest sums will be given to Oceanside, Island Park, Barnum Island, Harbor Isle and Long Beach.

The allotments, Cuomo said, were determined based on the amount of damage each zone sustained, as well as the amount of assistance already awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

An optimistic Cuomo closed his speech by saying that nothing can knock New Yorkers down. “Nothing ever has and nothing ever will,” he said.


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People form the affected towns will never see any of this money or any of the repairs that the money is spent on , what a crock . I live in Oceanside and there was little to no help offered to people by the groups that were here to help and if the storm drain on our block was installed the right way instead of backwards I'm sure it would have prevented the amount of water that was let into the neighborhood . The town of east rockaway was more helpful than anyone in Oceanside .

Thursday, July 25, 2013 | Report this

I agree. I also live in Oceanside in front if school 8 and the amount if sewer water in my home was unforgivable.

We had little to no help from city officials until the rally and then, our streets started to be cleaned up by the Town of Hempstead. What a shame. Still, today, nine months later, board by board my home is being re-built because of the contamination from sewer water. Don't forget Oceanside, if the sewer drains worked properly many of our destroyed homes would not have seen a drop of water. Now we MUST pay high, high insurance (flood) rates if we don't raise our homes??? Who pays for that - us.

There has to be another way. Someone OTHER than us, home owners, who already pay HIGH TAXES should pick up our new insurance costs. How about fighting for us, the home owners who are the real victims of our " beloved " Nassau County Officials.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 | Report this

My Daughter and her family live in East Rockaway across from the Canal. What a shame it is when raw sewage is repeatedly dumped into the bay. There house was fairly new and they are still trying to replace everything which is so hard to do when the cost of material cabinets etc. have gone up in the last 10 yrs and the Insurance companies don't want to give you the money. The Sewage Plant problem needs to be addressed and 262 million dollars won't fix the entire problem. They, the politians, need to step up and demand the entire facility get everything it needs or else these same houses will have the same contamination again when there is another storm or Power Outage. Why not fix the flood situation and protect the plant from a Disaster? Because of Politics the people have to suffer. Tell Cuomo The 8 million should go to the sewage plant and tell him to pay for the rest. I'm sure that if he saw what happens there he would definitely see why we need to do the entire plant electrical system as well as make the plant Hurricane proof ans replace all the other necessary items as well as see to it that this doesn't happen again.The smell alone is gross and why should my family suffer when they pay so much in taxes. Somone has to do something fast. They are still not addressing the fact that this could happen again just because they didn't fix the problem when they had the chance. Shame on them.

Friday, July 26, 2013 | Report this

Very well said up above funny how daddy cuomo lives in long beach and gets a large chunk of money , I know long beach got hit hard but seems a little funny how the national guard was all over LB a week after the storm and no where else like at the sewer plant or at the lipa power station that blew up in island park , don't worry we'll all pay for it somehow like we have been already and the fat cats will line their pockets with even more money that's meant for the people just like the Robin Hood foundation that raised millions of dollars and no ones seen a dime of it , makes me sick ...

Friday, July 26, 2013 | Report this

Funny my old neighbor in oceanside everytime a storm was coming he would call town about sewer drain in front, once he was out there for an your with a stick pulling stuff our. Everyone who works their dog throws bags and coffee cups down there.

New owners are pretty lazy, they got hit in Irene and hit in Sandy, water was flying out of the damm sewer, even overtook my house by an extra few inches that and above ground pools collasping and sewer back up.

NYS rising is income based. I find it bs. I applied and was told back of line.

Why is the person by school 8 paying high flood rates? Is it because he was declared ICC? Otherwise it is less than $400 a year.

I know a lady who is kicking herself for hiring an insurance adjuster. Mainly they are crook, he got a bit more but all of it was eaten up by his fee. Orginally FEMA wanted to pay her 45% and he got her 55% of value. Then she realizes she crossed 50% mark and now it tagged ICC and her rates may go up. A combination of her greed, the crooked adjuster and lack of knowledge and she is screwed. In retrospect when she go counteroffered 47% she should have took it and ran. Many folks were unaware it is 50% the value of your structure and not your house.

Monday, July 29, 2013 | Report this
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