Moms support West School with “dollar drive”

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The group started by just approaching family and friends, but they are now receiving donations from people they don’t even know. Donations are coming from as far as far as the Southern Hemisphere in Australia, where Guenego has family. They plan on approaching some corporations for donations as well.

“The response has been phenomenal,” said Moore.

More describes West School as a “close family” where parents are very involved and the staff is “warm.” The school was a big draw for Moore when she was looking to move her family out of New York City.

“We chose Long Beach because of West School, more or less,” said Moore.

West School students had been attending East School since they returned from the storm, and just recently moved again to Lindell School. Moore said the teachers and administration did a good job help kids make the adjustment, but they couldn’t avoid the overcrowding and supply shortage. Both parents and students are eager for things to return to normal.

“He really wants his second home back,” Moore said of her son’s desire to return to West School.

The goal, however lofty, is to raise a million dollars by their deadline, Jan. 31. When they reach the deadline, Moore and the other organizers will donate the lump sum to the school, to use however they see fit.

“It’s a great effort on the part of those who are organizing it,” said DeVito. “It shows how much dedication — and pride — people have to their school community.”

If you’d like to donate to the Project Westoration Dollar Drive, you can visit their website at

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