Nassau County, Long Beach declare state of emergency

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Chronic dialysis patients who would normally be receiving their dialysis treatments on Monday are being notified that the dialysis center will be open this Sunday so they can receive their treatment and avoid traveling on Monday.

Patients utilizing the Medical Center’s various clinics have been advised of required scheduling changes, and accommodations have been made for Certified Home Health Care Agency and Long Term Home Healthcare Program patients. The medical center’s emergency department will remain open until all of the inpatients are transferred, and then it will be closed until the hospital reopens.

"Long Beach Medical Center is dedicated to the safety and well being of our patients and staff," Meltzer said in a statement. "We have developed a comprehensive emergency preparedness program and our emergency preparedness team and administrative staff are working in concert with local and state agencies to ensure timely and appropriate transfer of patients and residents."

Governor Cuomo has dispatched extra ambulances to the county to assist frail and ill residents, Mangano said, adding that he has also been in contact with the MTA, LIPA, as well as state and local officials.

In Long Beach, the city gave out 20,000 sandbags to residents and depleted its stockpile. City officials said that they are closely monitoring the storm and are coordinating with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, the Long Island Power Authority, and others. Officials are advising residents to clear out gutters, drains, and yards of leaves. The beach park is closed and entry into the ocean is strictly prohibited. Sunday evening's kickball event to benefit breast cancer at the Rec Center has been postponed.

City Manager Jack Schnirman told the Herald on Friday that he has been holding a series of hurricane preparation meetings with department heads and workers, and explained that beach maintenance crews were constructing 8-foot berms along the beaches in anticipation of a storm surge.

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