Rebuilding a better boardwalk in Long Beach

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A retaining wall is being installed, including vinyl/fiberglass sheeting, that will combine with stringers and supports secured beneath the boardwalk. This wall, underneath the boardwalk, will mitigate wave action from passing the south side of the boardwalk, thus preventing the same type of damage resulting from Sandy. We will be using an aluminum pipe railing and nostalgic, old-time lighting poles and fixtures. Please visit our website to view the presentation with images detailing these features.

The design process was enhanced by such widespread public participation. Our boardwalk is a symbol of Long Beach and a source of recreation and enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of people each year. Make no mistake, the boardwalk belongs to the people who make our great city so special. Because of that, the City Council wants the rebuilding project to reflect the council’s values of transparency, fairness and democracy. The high level of participation in the boardwalk focus groups over the last few weeks has shown us that residents feel the same way. It is my hope that our residents will continue to stay involved and feel welcome to take an active role in the governance of the community. After the completion of phase one, we look forward to the community’s feedback when we begin discussions regarding phase two of our Beachfront Infrastructure Restoration Program, considering such amenities as concessions, comfort stations, bump outs for seating and shade, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

It is our sincere belief that the spirit of cooperation, generosity, and patience that was so apparent during and immediately following the storm will continue to be a part of our daily life. As the city continues to rebuild, stronger, smarter and safer, and the damage from Sandy fades from view, we, the citizens of Long Beach, will continue to move this city forward together.

Mandel is the president of the City Council.

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