School board candidates square off

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If the costs of repairs caused by Sandy is not fully paid for by insurance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, New York state etc., how do you as a school board member propose the district make up the difference?

Treston: After Sandy, we definitely have to start thinking outside of the box. If we have to go to different foundations or different fundraising techniques, or if we have to call the middle school the Walt Disney School so that they will pay for everything, I’m all for it. There is a limited amount of money, but we have to go out and think outside of the box. We can’t go to the taxpayers and ask them for any more money.

Adler: The idea of putting sponsorships in schools is a tricky and slippery slope because there are state laws to regulate that. Any income that we do get, we would possibly lose more state aid due to the increase in revenue. I agree with you Ms. Treston, but we have to be careful about where and how much we do get with the sponsorship. I had a conversation with [Schools Superintendent David Weiss] right after New York City did not put their grant in for the teacher evaluation and they lost $250 million. I asked him to write a letter to Governor Cuomo with all of the surrounding superintendents, that the state now had an extra $250 million of money allocated for education. I said why don’t you write a letter asking for the money to fill in the gap between what FEMA and insurance covers. He chose not to. That would’ve been a perfect opportunity for us to get more money from the state.

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