Still no homecoming

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For those who have been using FEMA’s rental assistance, time may be running out. Suzanne Katz-Fox was nine months pregnant when Sandy hit. Her family moved to Suffolk County for four months before settling into a rental on East Park Avenue. To receive assistance, FEMA required them to sign a one-year lease. But FEMA recently denied them continued rental assistance, and transferred them to HUD for housing assistance. But HUD denied their claim, saying they did not qualify for their aid because they did not meet the low-income requirements.

“They say if you can pay a mortgage, you can pay rent as well,” Katz-Fox said.

Her family’s Pennsylvania Avenue home is unlivable, and she said that they are unable to start rebuilding without more funding, for which they are depending on NY Rising. But for the time being, they are simply trying to figure out where they will live next.

“The sad thing is it’s nine months down the road, and we’re no closer to even beginning [to rebuild] than on day one,” Katz-Fox said. “The state seems like it’s not in much of a rush to help us.

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