Two turntables ... and a sauté pan

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“When my great-grandfather came to this country he had a little push cart in Manhattan with vegetables and produce,” Weiss said. “Then he came to Long Beach and he opened up a green market. Subconsciously, when I started to work with food I had an idea about all the ingredients.”

According to his website,, Weiss began DJing at house parties when he was 16, and a few years later, he took a job as a prep cook. After high school, he attended the New York Restaurant School and went on to work with star chefs like Bobby Flay, Matthew Kenney and John Tesar. Weiss returned to Long Island to cook at “some of the hottest restaurants around,” and began hosting and catering private parties.

Weiss, who performs as DJ Chef full time, has continued to maintain a presence on Long Island while building his brand name around the country. He said birthday parties, bachelorette parties and bridal showers seem to be the most popular these days.

“It’s kind of a mix,” Weiss said referring to his schedule of big events and parties. “I get to interact with people.”

Weiss said that he doesn’t get distracted when he plays music and cooks at the same time.

“I have the headphones on the whole time,” Weiss said. “As a chef, you’re multitasking the whole day anyway. We’re kind of trained to do a lot of things at one time.”

He boiled it down quite simply.

“For me, the turntable is just another pot on the stove,”

he said.

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