Long Beach clothing label giving back to Texas

Long Trunks selling T-shirts to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims


Long Trunks, a local clothing company that helped raise more than $30,000 for a number of organizations and local businesses after Hurricane Sandy through sales of its iconic “Bring on the Elephants” and “Defend Long Beach” T-shirts and apparel, is now setting its sights on helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The label, owned by residents Danny Fischer, Dave Yolinsky, Jesse Wilson and Jeb Bellsey, created “Defend Texas” T-shirts, priced at $25 each, to help raise money for hurricane victims. All proceeds will be donated to aid those who were impacted by the storm, Bellsey said.

“The origin of Long Trunks was basically set up in a way to help local businesses,” he said. “When Hurricane Harvey came around — we all experienced Sandy, and we have a soft spot for hurricane victims. We decided to do a spin on our Defend Long Beach shirt.”

Long Trunks have grown in popularity since Sandy, and the lifestyle brand has continued to release a number of unique designs through various mediums including clothing, apparel, accessories and artwork.

Bellsey said that Puerto Rico-based Uncharted Studios, the company that designed the original Long Trunks shirts, created the Defend Texas T-shirt, adding that he believes it would resonate with not only Long Beach residents, but people across the country in a show of solidarity with storm victims.

He added that ideally, Long Trunks is looking to raise $50,000 to $100,000 for storm victims through sales of the shirts, to be donated to a yet-to-be-determined charity.

“Obviously, our main audience is Long Beach, but we’ve created this Defend Texas shirt with no mention of Long Beach to reach people out of state,” Bellsey said. “We didn’t really want it to be about Long Beach or Long Trunks – it’s an iconic image and we thought it would be the strongest image to promote our cause. Once people know that we’re doing this, I think that it will start to gain some movement.”

For more information, visit lblongtrunks.com.