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East Rockaway Fire Department to Lynbrook FD: Thank you

Chiefs recognize neighboring volunteers for their help during, after Hurricane Sandy


The chiefs of the East Rockaway Fire Department visited Lynbrook Fire Department headquarters on Wright Avenue recently to present their department heads with awards for their help during and after Hurricane Sandy. Each LFD department was presented with an award.

“Your help was beyond anything we could have imagined,” said Chief Steve Torborg. “While we are extraordinarily thankful to Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Malverne, Lakeview and everyone else, Lynbrook always came through. The storm was something none of us could have anticipated. During the storm, you were there … during the relife efforts, you were there — and just when we thought things were back to normal, you threw us a holiday party. It was beyond anything that we could have anticipated. Thank you for being part of our 4th battalion family, and a part of our family.”

To applause from all in the room, Lynbrook’s Chief Anthony DeCarlo humbly accepted the awards. “We are proud of the way you bounced back, and we’re very sorry for your losses. And we know that you’d do the same for us … you’re our family, too.”