Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

July 11-17, 2013


Unproven accusations?

To the Editor:
I was disturbed to read in the July 4-10 issue of The Herald that East Rockaway has fired the village’s clerk-treasurer amid a shoplifting investigation (“E.R. seeks new clerk-treasurer”).
It’s impossible to guess, based on the information in the article, whether Doris Piedimonte is guilty of the crime of which she has been accused — but given that she has not been convicted of anything, she’s presumed innocent under our system of law.  
It’s entirely possible that the dismissal was a result of factors beyond what was suggested by the article, and I would hope that to be the case.
It would be tragic if a village were to
terminate somebody’s employment based on unproven accusations.

Neil Sklar


Put ‘feather factory’ to better use

This letter was sent to Lynbrook Mayor Bill Hendrick and was shared with the Herald.

Dear Mayor Hendrick:
In regards to the special village meeting held on July 2, it’s apparent that many Lynbrook residents are against the development offer from Walgreens.
I applaud you for not approving the closure of Central Avenue for Walgreen’s project. The disapproval demonstrated by local residents to accept Walgreens into their community is enough to discourage the drugstore chain’s desire to continue with their application.
Now there is talk of a hotel being placed on Langdon Place. The idea of having additional hotels being brought into our community will not have a positive affect at all. Unfortunately, Lynbrook village offers limited dining and entertainment for visitors. However, several towns over there is an abundance of stimulation for visitors — therefore, these other communities would benefit the most by having more hotels.
Positive change is important to keep communities together, which leads me to direct your attention to our village. Seeing the vacant storefronts boarded up, the unsightly movie theater corner, and the controversial “feather factory” leads one to believe that a lack of a strong community spririt and positive interest exists.

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